The Mission of The Industrial Athlete

Our mission is to positively impact the health and well being of the work force of the State of Alabama, through accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of work related musculoskeletal/soft tissue injuries. Our goal is to focus on functional restoration, improving quality of life, and return each injured worker to his or her highest level of function.

The Industrial Athlete is a medically directed clinic specializing in effective management of sub-acute and chronic recurrent musculoskeletal disorders and resulting pain. Our team of skilled musculoskeletal and soft tissue specialists provides progressive functional restoration and education in self-correction and independence designed to improve the productivity and quality of life for each patient. At the Industrial Athlete we determine the exact nature of a disorder and its specific treatment using skilled manual-”hands-on”- evaluation in conjunction with appropriate technology. Accurate diagnosis and treatment attained by our interdisciplinary approach results in faster recovery, less recurrence, lower costs and better pain management.

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